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This is intended to be an adjunct to Teachers Outside the Box.  In a few months I will be retiring from formal teaching within a school board but I can’t stop spilling over with ideas for teaching.  Rather than leave them to simmer, I will be posting them here.  I will also post some of my favorite ideas from the past 25 to 30 years of teaching.

They will rarely be fully fledged lessons or units, nor will they be necessarily specific to a grade.  I have adapted grade twelve units to be used in a grade eight class and seen those units adapted to use in a grade five class.   Sometimes they will be a full lesson or a full unit or a cross subjects lesson.  Whatever they are, I do ask you to give me credit on any written document.

If you want help adapting or designing anything I post, especially if it is meant for gifted or other IPRC’d students, I would be happy to come and work with you if your school is within an easy distance of Ottawa or Toronto.  I am also on Skype and on Skype, I can consult even if you are on the other side of the earth.

Ottawa Canada June 2010 — Nepean Point Views  2

Ottawa                                                     (Photo credit: dugspr — Home for Good)

What can I help you with?   I have taught every grade from two to eight (ages 8 to 13) and as a supply teacher, I taught everything.  I have taught adults and I am a qualified teacher of English as a Second Language.  I am a specialist in teaching children with special need, especially gifted and learning disabled.  I hold a masters in adaptive education.  The best fun I have ever had in education, besides teaching itself, was having student teachers in my classrooms.  I loved encouraging them to try new things and watching them grow in confidence.

So, if I can help, let me know.


Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline                                   (Photo credit: Bobolink)


About Diane Scaiff

Education fascinates me as a teacher, a learner and observer. I constantly wonder why certain things work and others don't, why we are told to teach in ways that are not sound, pedagogically, when we all know better. I also wonder about the impact of teaching on teachers' lives. Does it change us? Does it affect our families? What about the effect of public perceptions of teachers and our roles in the communities? How can we be scapegoats once day and saints the next? How do we deal with this? How are students affected by these perceptions? I hope to address some of these questions and more that arise from my readers as time goes on. There may be no answers, but asking questions is important. Diane B.A. (hons), Dip R.S.A., M.A.(Ed) 25 years of teaching elementary students and adults, Qualified in ESL and adaptive education.
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